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Getting Coffee

Sensei Mentorship

Transformation through challenge and dialogue

Our sensei partnership is helping leaders to learn faster through challenging and dialogue. Leadership for complex systems needs systems thinking and deep understanding of the hidden drivers of improvement and innovation. Whether you are advanced in system thinking or  have just started using you enlist the expertise of our sensei mentor to help you with learning and growing through your journey.

Image by Fabian Irsara


What you need, when you need it, how you need it.

ILO provides e-books, e-courses and webinars for learning organizations. These digital resources reflect the best knowledge available on learning leadership. It’s affordable and available 24/7.

We can also create customized e-learning programs and webinars for learning organizations.



Make your workplace the primer campus.

We tailor site training linked to the practical challenges developing learning and improvement culture.

We also do training with gemba learning trips to leading Norwegian companies and municipalities.

A change of scenery, helps open the mind to new ways of thinking.  We could also bring your team to our countryside retreat in Italy for our "off-site program".

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