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On-site Training

Book an expert to come to your company for hands-on training. We believe that the best way to learn is through a combination of learning together, e-learning, and practical application. Our experts provide custom courses that are tailored to the needs of your company and team members.

Off-site Training

A change of scenery helps open the mind to new ways of thinking.

Take your team off-site to ILO´s  Albergo del vino, surrounded by Piemonte´s vineyards of Italy.  Here your team can fully focus on "learning how to learn together".  Training programs would be tailored to the nede of your organization and cover all key concepts to help participants become systems thinkers. This off-site program is excellent for team building too.

In advance of your visits we will discuss the goals and needs of your team.  From this we will create a custom program so that your team receives exactly what they need.


Gemba Learning Trips

Crucial to learning is to go and see, communicate and learn from
practitioners. We provide training and learning in partnership with leading companies and municipalities in Norway, Italy and UK in the field of Lean and learning culture. We organize visits to relevant organizations so participants get a chance to see how improvement and change are made and discuss specific case studies with the transformation leaders behind them. This combined training and gemba walks provide the ultimate learning experience.

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