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Chapter 9. Planning for Obeya

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Successful Obeya starts with a good plan. Here you can print out the self assessment sheet. The assessment will give you information on what to do as part of successful preparations. 

Chapter 10. Jig 1 - Line of sight

As we underlined in the Learning from Toyota chapter, we need a crystal clear order. What should be the deliverables from the Obeya? 

Jigg 1

Chapter 11. Understanding systems

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The purpose of this wall is to understand the systemic challenges we have. As Cabrera states: "Stop solving problems before understanding the systems"

The key is to use the DSRP rules combined with systems mapping:

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Chapter 12. Jig 3 Learning

The purpose of Obeya is new knowledge. Learning is connected to hor we think. Dr. Deming wrote the learning cycle as in picture to the right. Note that he wrote STUDY, not CHECK. 

Maya fig eng_Side_23.png

Chapter 13. Learning Culture Mirror

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Do we have an adaptive learning culture? 
This assessment is based on a R&D program the institute did from 2018-2021. Resulting in six key criteria's to understand own learning culture strengths and weaknesses. 

The assessment tools will be presented here.

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